Cape Gun Works staff introductions

When you visit Cape Gun Works we want you to feel welcome. You don’t have to know exactly what you want before you walk in the door. We won’t make you feel awkward if you can’t remember all the terminology. Our job is to assist you in finding whatever works best for you, and no two gun owners are the same. We’re happy to share our knowledge if you’re interested in learning more, but it isn’t about us. It’s about you being happy with your purchase and enjoying your visit. It’s about you feeling comfortable to stop in anytime, even just to talk about the latest tacticool gadget or draconian edict. Christina epitomizes that friendly, helpful service.



Christina washed-ashore in Yarmouth at age 5. After graduating from Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School she moved to El Paso, Texas, fueling her passion for horses and guns. In fact, since before she could walk, Christina has harbored a deep love for all things equine. In 2015, she moved to Campbell Hall, N.Y. and became an assistant trainer under World Champion Reining Horse trainer Jeremy Gates. Pursuit of a long-held goal of becoming a nurse brought her back to Centerville. Christina comes from a large military family with members who have served or are currently serving in the USMC, US Army, USCG, and the US Navy. Her family has always been gun and hunting friendly. She hopes to expand her personal defense training, and she would also like to venture into the fast-growing sport of cowboy mounted shooting. In addition to her immediate family on Cape Cod, she shares her life with a 5-year-old shepherd-mix rescue, Sammy, and a 3-year-old AQHA palomino gelding, Joey. And, she’s a die-hard Patriots and Bruins fan.

Favorite handgun: “easily” the HK VP9
Favorite long guns: Shotguns and quality AR-15s

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